180 Degrees

180 Degrees is an abstinence until marriage program designed to help teenagers recognize the consequences of premarital sex, the beauty of a healthy marriage relationship, and turn their thinking about sex around a whole 180 degrees. The 180 Degrees Program includes presentations with: staggering statistics, how to be in healthy relationships, the media’s influence, how to live in purity, and how to overcome sexual pressure.    

This vital ministry is led by Rich Shelton, Real Options' Education Director.  Kayla McLeod is the other half of this gifted team.  These two have a heart to see teenagers catch a vision of purity!  Please contact Rich for more information or to schedule a presentation for your school, church or organization.

180 Degrees offers targeted programs for the following groups:

Junior high school
Senior high school
College student
Civic organizations
Youth groups
Parents’ Seminar:  “Got Kids?  Get Facts!”

To learn more about this program, visit the 180 Degrees website: 

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Rich Shelton, 180 Degrees Education Director

Rich has worked for Real Options for Women since 2009.  He’s the director of the clinic’s abstinence education called 180 Degrees.  He’s in charge of building rapport with the schools, scheduling, research and presenting.  Rich has a passion to help young adults come to know Christ, know their value in Christ and help set up boundaries in order to make good choices.  When he’s not in a school speaking, Rich works with the young men who come in with their girlfriends and encourages them to become active fathers and to be responsible.  He also does ALL the heavy lifting in the office and anything else that he’s told to do by, literally, ALL the females in the office. Rich enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Jennifer, and his son, Noah. Jennifer is also the Executive Director at Real Options. Rich and Jen are expecting a baby girl in of October 2017.

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Destiny Young, Abstinence Educator

Destiny Young is a graduate of Oral Roberts University’s class of 2017. She is originally from Houston, Texas and moved to the area when she started her position as a 180-degree Educator. She is passionate about sharing her story of how she was born to teen parents and the consequences that came of her parents’ actions. She uses her story to keep students informed on how their choices can lead to life altering outcomes.

 Destiny enjoys speaking to students and encouraging them to make the best and healthiest choice not just for their health, but for their life.

 She hopes to let students know through her presentations that she is on their side, cheering them on, and wanting them to succeed in everything they do. While also letting them know, it all begins with their choices and they can always turn their lives around for the better.