Our History

October 1986  Began as a satellite of the Dallas Pregnancy Center

April 1987  Funds dried up and the center was in danger of closing

October 1987  Reincorporated independently as “North Dallas Crisis Pregnancy Center”

May 1989  Danielle Hanson, past Executive Director, joined as first full time employee

March 1991  Changed name to Crisis Pregnancy Center of Collin County

March 1991  Moved to office space on East Park Blvd in Plano

October 1994  Leased new space to house first crisis pregnancy center in Texas to offer medical services including ultrasound!                                                                                                                

February 1995  Changed name to Crisis Pregnancy Clinic of Collin County

April 1996  Julie Thomas, present Clinic Director, joined the ROFW team

May 1996  Refocused counseling, marketing, advertising and office décor to reach abortion minded women

June 1996  Changed name to “Women-to-Women”

May 1999 Kristen Tache joined the ROFW team as the first Education Director

July 1999  Began to offer STD screening

March 2000  Changed to our current name , "Real Options for Women"

September 2002  Sara Hamilton, present Abortion Recovery Director joined the ROFW team                                                                                    

June 2003 Jennifer Shelton joined the ROFW team as the next Education Director and developed the 180 Degrees curriculum

January 2004  Purchased our first 3D ultrasound machine                                                                                                                   

May 2005 Jane Exstrum joined the ROFW team as the Nurse Manager

July 2006  Katherine Teague, present ROFW accountant, joined the ROFW team

April 2008  Rich Shelton, present Education Director, joined the ROFW team

July 2010  Purchased upgraded 3D ultrasound

September 2011  ROC was formed, headed by Jennifer Shelton

September 2011  Rich Shelton promoted to Education Director                                                                                                                      

November 2011  Karen Root joined the ROFW team as the Abstinence Educator

January 2012   Linear Service Model implemented for increased credibility, defensibility and effectiveness.                                                       

April 2014  Jennifer Shelton promoted to Executive Director after Danielle Hanson's retirement                                                                               

June 2014  Shirlee Rivera became the Nurse Manager after Jane Exstrum's retirement                                                                                             

August 2014  Kayla McLeod became an Abstinence Educator                                                                                                                   

October 2014  Leslie Overstreet became the ROC Coordinator                                                                                                             

December 2014  Our new 3D/4D sonogram arrived

August 2015  Zandra Rutledge became our first Client Services Manager

September 2017 Rachel Vansell became our first Events and Outreach Manager

October 2017 Destiny Valdez joined the staff as an Abstinence Educator

Crisis Pregnancy Clinic of Collin County, Inc, (dba) Real Options for Women is a 501(c)3 corporation. Founded in 1986.